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(Published in its first form August 30, 2008. Last updated in April 2013.)

August 27, 2008, the Swedish Christian daily Dagen (The Day) published an interview with Alicia Hamberg, an intelligent, sensitive and humorous former Steiner Waldorf pupil, 30 in 2008. She went to ”Kristofferskolan” (The Christopher School) in Stockholm between the ages of three and 12 during the 1980s, at first in Kindergarten and then during the first six grades.

The interview was made after she had supported and promoted a crusade Alicia Hamberg 2008against Steiner Waldorf education in an English discussion forum during the Spring, with the discussion extending over thousands of postings during five months. The crusade was pursued by a small group of rabid members of a small fringe anti-Waldorf group, on whose board she participated as its ”European representative”, and that she had drawn to the discussions.

The reason was that the undersigned had started to participate in the forum to address a long discussion defaming Steiner Waldorf education, introduced by one participant by referring and linking to an article by a Peter Staudenmaier, who started his career as solo writer on anthroposophy as part of the basis for Steiner Waldorf education with an invented, defamatory untrue  con story about a lecture series by Rudolf Steiner now 100 years ago in Oslo, Norway.

The culmination of the lecture series is a prediction by Rudolf Steiner that an increasing number of people from the middle of the 20th century will have a similar experience of Christ as Saul had at Damascus. In Sweden Peter Staudenmaiers’s con stories about the lecture series  is published and promoted by the missionary secular humanist association ”Science and Education of the Public” since 2000.

When his untruth abut the lecture series was exposed, he invented a number of further con stories to cover up for his original untruthfulness, without being able to document their truthfulness either.

Staudenmaier plays a similar role to critics of Steiner Waldorf education as David Irving does to antisemites, (though Staudenmaier is much younger) and Alicia Hamberg always defends him when he is criticized for being untruthful in his writings, or criticized in any way.

(The latest example of this is January 12, 2013.

The day before, January 11, I had told her at twitter that

what infuriates me about Peter Staudenmaier is his way of playing intellectual mind games to with little foundation incite hatred against Steiner Waldorf education in especially the Jewish Community.”

The following day, January 12, Alicia lies about this in a comment at her blog, aptly titled ”Mind games”, to – again – faithfully  – protect Peter Staudenmaier from exposure.

She writes about this

What Sune is infuriated with — he used that word, and I do believe it’s accurate, he is infuriated — is not me or Melanie or Peter or Diana or anyone else. He’s infuriated with poor old Rudolf S who said some silly things that don’t sound very appealing today and probably didn’t to lots of people even back then.”)

As he publishes libel in what he writes, I pointed out to the forum owners and moderators that postings that directly or indirectly linked to his writings as ”explanation”  of the experiences of parents at one or other Steiner Waldorf school constituted promotion of libel that violated UK legislation. On this ground a number of the postings were deleted, something critics in continued anti Steiner Waldorf campaigns and arguments polemically have described as suppression of free speech.

After five months, the group was banned from the discussions. The reason was that the forum did not allow crusades by single issue participants, and that the forum owners and administrators not were convinced that the defamation was justified. (I was banned too, for defending against it …)

During the year, the education of Steiner Waldorf teachers had been moved from the Teachers College in Stockholm to the University of Stockholm. In connection with the transition, the University decided that a number of the courses did not fulfill what it considered to be the necessary academic standards for the education of teachers. It is part of a process still going on in Sweden to remove all courses not primarily based on academic research from higher education at universities and colleges. Following the transition, the Board of the Faculty of Science at the university decided to terminate the cooperation between the Teachers College and the Rudolf Steiner College that had been going on since 2002 in a joint education of Steiner Waldorf teachers.

In connection with a public discussion of the decision, the Christian daily ”Dagen” (The Day) made the mentioned interview with Alicia, and another interview with Bo Dahlin, Professor of Education at Karlstad University about Steiner Waldorf education.

Who is Alicia Hamberg, or Zooey/Zzzooey as she calls herself on the net, this relentless critic of Steiner Waldorf education?

On the internet, she has described herself as obsessed with words and letters and in a personal correspondence 2007/2008 described how difficult she finds it to listen to people and for that reason hardly watched TV.

As reason for her parents to put her at ”Kristofferskolan”, the main Steiner Waldorf school in Stockholm, she has stated that she was more difficult to handle than the average child, as she expressed it.

She also told how much she disliked doing especially that which is done a lot at Steiner Waldorf schools; paint, sing, play different instruments, handicraft, and eurythmy, a dancelike form of art movement.

Her difficulty to listen to people probably made it especially difficult for her to go to the Steiner Waldorf school she went to as Steiner Waldorf education, much based on anthroposophy as philosophy and view of man, to such a high degree is built on the spoken word. During her school time, according to herself, she refused to go to school without her watch, making it possible to see how many minutes remained till class was over.

With her great interest in numbers and written text, her difficulties to listen to others (according to herself, she did not care much about what they said) and her deep aversion towards especially the artistic and handicraft elements that distinguish Steiner Waldorf schools from other schools, she soon seems to have become an outsider in her Kindergarten group and later in grade school, and as such bullied by especially one other pupil.

The strife to integrate also a developmentally challenged pupil with outbursts at time in her class also put its mark on the situation of her and others during the time she went there, something she has described with bitterness on the net.

Since the end of 2007, she has started to work through her experiences at school and criticize and heckle everything related to Steiner Waldorf education at a blog and in different discussion forums in an often well formulated way, that however can stand out as somewhat obsessive.

In response to a question who she is, she answered in 2008

I am someone who eats anthroposophists for breakfast 😉 Welcome back to the blood bath 😀

She is a secular humanist and the interview describes how she is a member of what is described as ”a network that reviews Rudolf Steiner, anthroposophy and Steiner Waldorf schools”. (It refers to this group …) As such, she is one of the, if not the most active Steiner Waldorf critic on the net since 2007.

Since 2008 she has made some 3.000+ postings in different waldorf critical discussions and in addition has written (March 2011) 20,000+ tweets at Twitter. (Since then, she has added 18,000 more tweets.) So she’s a little talkative, internet-wise. She has also told that she’s constantly febrile and how she can’t sleep without sleeping pills. An important part of what she writes – like before – consists in promoting and spreading criticism of everything connected with Waldorf education and anthroposophy, now in cooperation with three British ”Humanists”.

But she has also, after among other things having read descriptions of Steiner as autistic as a child and the peculiarly challenging way he at times describes things, developed an expressed sympathy for him (she has described how she experiences herself as a creature from outer space).

She has described how much she likes the architectural form language in the second Goetheanum and thinks that an exhibition ”Rudolf Steiner – Die Alchemie des Alltags” on display in Germany from May to October 2010 also should be shown in Sweden. At her blog, she has written several (so far 16) postings with ”Love greetings” to Jaerna (a center of anthroposophical activities in Sweden) with pictures she has taken herself of the anthroposophical ”Kulturhuset” (House of Culture) and the garden of the Rudolf Steiner College.

Maybe this (some comments on her ambivalent attitude to anthroposophy and biodynamic farming) can complement the somewhat complex picture through which she expresses herself on the net.

What the Christian ”The Day”-article does not link to is an extensive answer to what the waldorf critics (WC) write.

While it links to a study of Steiner Waldorf education by prof. Bo Dahlin at the University of Karlstad, Waldorfskolan – en skola för människobildning? (The Waldorf school – a school for the cultivation of humanity?), it could also have included a link to one of the most extensive sites on the internet on Steiner Waldorf education, Waldorf Answers. A similar site in Swedish is under construction.

Since 2008, she pursues a personal campaign against the undersigned for my description here in this posting of parts of what she has written about herself on the net, to make her understandable. She also does not like what I have written about Peter Staudenmaier after having analyzed his writings in relation to the sources he refers to as basis for them, or an anti-Steiner crusade by one of the most rabid Steiner Waldorf critics on the net the last years.

August 30, 2008, I wrote this posting in its first form, based on and describing what she has written about herself on the net.

After the banning of the rabid mostly American anti Steiner Waldorf crusaders from the British discussion forum, she developed an extensive personal criticism of the undersigned in the discussion forum of the Swedish missionary secular humanist group ”Science and Education of the People”, where I did not participate.

I instead invited her for a cup of tea at the Tea House in Stockholm (famous for its location under a group of Elms, that were the center for the ”Battle of the Elms” in 1971 in the ”Kings Garden” in the center of Stockholm. The City planners had planned to cut them down and replace them with a subway station, but failed to implement this when Stockholmers of all ages protested against it, some by climbing the trees when the police was called in to support the cutting of the trees.).

I wanted to hear more from herself about the background of her intense antipathy against Steiner Waldorf education, but she answered that she’d rather have tea with ”Ahriman” (the representative of Satan in Persian Mythology) and was somewhat later interviewed by the Christian daily ”The Day”. I did not quite think the interview did her or the ”Kristoffer school” justice and therefore wrote this blog posting in its first form, based on what she had written about herself, to make her understandable.

When she saw it, she wrote a long commentary in one discussion forum, introducing it with

anthroposophy is rotten, it’s a religion for compulsive liars

and it’s absolutely irredeemable. I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no point in fighting stupidity. There’s no point in thinking that however good my arguments are, scumbags like (this blogger) will have 10 times the amount of time to just be the asshole that he is (It’s no struggle for him, I’m sure.) First a greeting to all the Swedish anthroposophists: fuck you. You’re a group of lying, deceiving, evil people in a society which kisses your feet and the ground you walk on–and showers you with money”…

Later, she continued with among other things a long posting that mainly consisted of a list of links to 74 pages on the net, that I had written over the last ten years as comments on different discussions of Steiner Waldorf education, which has upset her, and that she described as ”drivel”.

When someone wrote to her in December 2009 (a rabid German co-Waldorf critic according to her) to ask if she had seen a psychologist, she commented at her blog (from which she has banned the co-critic in question)

”I can hardly even remember anymore. I probably have. Mostly, though, I’ve seen psychiatrists. For a multitude of reasons.”

As she hasn’t seemed to feel that well, since last year, I try as much as possible to avoid public discussions with her, and have only as an exception commented on what she has written, beyond this blog comment.

Someone else, who seems to have read her blog and commented on it is Marlene Olsson, a Waldorf mum with radically different experiences of her children’s Steiner Waldorf school than Alicia.

Outside internet discussions, we however have had friendly mail exchanges and during late Autumn (2010) she mainly seems to have felt better. At the beginning of the year, a support teacher at the ”Kristoffer school”, where she went to school during the 1980s, asked me for help to contact her, after having read what she had written on the net. I did, they are now Facebook friends, and Alicia has expressed her gratitude for the contact with the support teacher.

At the beginning of August (2010), I happened to see a comment by her at Twitter, telling how difficult she found it to log out from a yahoo account. As I had had similar problems at one time, I wrote to her and told where she could find the log out text.

She answered the same evening:

”Hello Sune,

Funnily enough, I succeeded in logging out 5 minutes ago. After having gone out at yahoo outside the mail itself. Then suddenly that small ‘log out’-thing appeared at the top of the page. Small it was, but it was visible. I think I have a rather high resolution at my screen. It is actually rather peculiar. I tried to log out already a week ago, but gave up. I have two yahoo email addresses and sometimes I have to log in to the second one to see what new offers I have gotten from Burkina Faso and such places where the forgotten accounts grow on trees. The billions rattle in.

Many thanks anyhow!


So what she writes varies, but the comment feels like an expression of her actual basic positive attitude to life, when nothing troubles or disturbs her.

After the internet discussions in 2008, I suggested to the Swedish Federation of Steiner Waldorf Schools that they employ me part-time as media consultant to follow and report what is published in different media on and related to Steiner Waldorf education, mainly in Sweden, but partly also abroad and they agreed. My work only included reporting about it, and not to write for or in any way represent the Federation. Last December (2011), I stopped working for the Swedish Federation of Steiner Waldorf schools.

Outside of my part time employment I continued and continue to participate in discussions of Waldorf education as a free debater the same way I have done the last decade before and after the employment. In those discussions, as in all discussions, I only represent myself and my own personal views.

If you have any questions or comments on this, feel free to write to me at


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The last years, an intelligent, sensitive and girlish former scapegoat during the 1980’s at a Waldorf school in Sweden, Alicia Hamberg, has increasingly full-time engaged in lightheartedly promoting criticism and defamation of things related to Waldorf education and anthroposophy on the net.

One subject she promotes criticism and defamation of is biodynamics.

In one forum – using the name of (in her case) the misantropic brother ”Zooey” in the Glass family from novels by J.D. Salinger as acronym – she spreads information about criticism and defamation of biodynamic farming at a blog on the internet, and repeatedly links to new critical comments by commentators at the blog.

What she does not tell is that she herself the last years has made hundreds of positive and appreciative comments at the blog of the main biodynamic wholesale dealer in Sweden, ”Saltå Mill and Bakery”, telling how much she likes the biodynamic products it distributes.

This year, she has told elsewhere on the net:

An acquaintance, who has heard me rant on about anthroposophy for ever, once said that it really is ironic that I at the same time demand that (biodynamic) flour from Saltå is used when pizza is baked (or at least always complain about the conventional flour from ”Kungsängen” (a large producer of flour) and its ugly packages).

And it is a little ironic. I blame it on the influence of my mother. She could never be satisfied with things that satisfied others. Like ordinary flour.

After discovering that Rudolf Steiner, the founder of biodynamic farming and of anthroposophy (whose thoughts she has heckled extensively), as a boy at times stood out as autistic to his environment, she however has changed her opinion of him, and repeatedly has told how much she likes the internal architecture of Goetheanum, a building he designed, and thinks that a recent large exhibition (Der Spiegel) about him, at present showing in Germany, also should be shown in Sweden.

As with her views in general, the internal logic of her argumentation in her individual postings is not always that overwhelmingly consistent.

She has commented that she thinks Rudolf Steiner (whose works she both promotes and heckles …), if he was to comment on her, would appreciate her more than this blogger.

While she for long used a picture of her small long haired dog, that she describes as ”Mr Dog” and the only King in her country, with an empty wheat flour package from ”Saltå”, the biodynamic wholesale dealer, in his mouth as avatar on the net, she now has replaced it with a pinkish flying gull, the main character in the novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull from 1970, learning about life and flight.

So, she works to piece together the different disparate and opposing parts of her life and views to something in time maybe more unified. One can only wish her luck in her endeavour.

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(Skriven i sin första form den 30 augusti 2008. Uppdaterad i februari 2011 och i november 2013.)

Tidningen Dagen publicerade 27 augusti 2008 en intervju med Alicia Hamberg, en intelligent, sensitiv och humoristisk f.d. Waldorfskoleelev, 2008 30 år. Hon gick på Kristofferskolan i Stockholm från tre till 12 års ålder under 1980-talet, först i förskolan och sen de första sex klasserna.

Alicia Hamberg 2008Intervjun gjordes efter att hon under våren hade understött och befrämjat omfattande kritik och smutskastning av Waldorfpedagogiken i ett engelskt diskussionsforum i flera tusen inlägg under fem månader. Diskussionerna drevs av rabiata medlemmar i en liten anti-waldorf grupp i vars styrelse hon ingick som dess ”europeiska representant” och som hon dragit med till forumet för att delta i diskussionen.

Skälet var att undertecknad börjat delta i diskussionen för att bemöta förtal av Waldorfpedagogiken genom hänvisning till en artikel av en Peter Staudenmaier, som inledde sin karriär som skribent om antroposofin som grund för Waldorfpedagogiken med en rövarhistoria om en föredragsserie av Rudolf Steiner för 100 år sen, och som i Sverige sprids av ”Föreningen Vetenskap och Folkbildning”.

Staudenmaier fyller en liknande roll i förhållande till ”Waldorfkritiker” som David Irving för antisemiter och Alicia Hamberg försvarar honom alltid när han utsätts för kritik av vad han skrivit.

Efter fem månader blev gruppen bannlyst från fortsatt deltagande i diskussionen. Skälet var att det inte tillät korståg av enfråge-deltagare och forumets administratörer inte var övertygade om att de hade rätt i sin kampanj.

Under året hade utbildningen vid Lärarhögskolan i Stockholm flyttats till Stockholms Universitet. Vid överflyttningen beslöt Naturvetenskapliga fakultetsnämnden vid universitet att avveckla ett samarbete sen 2002 mellan Lärarhögskolan och Rudolf Steinerhögskolan i utbildningen av Waldorflärare.

I samband med diskussionen av beslutet gjorde Dagen intervjun med Alicia, och en annan intervju med Bo Dahlin, professor i pedagogik vid Högskolan i Karlstad om Waldorfpedagogiken.

Vem är Alicia Hamberg, denna envetna kritiker av Waldorfpedagogiken?

Hon har på internet beskrivit sig själv som besatt av ord och bokstäver och beskrev i korrespondens 2007/2008 hur svårt hon hade att lyssna på människor och av det skälet knappt såg på TV.

Som skäl för hennes föräldrar att placera henne på Kristofferskolan har hon angett att hon var ett barn svårare att hantera än genomsnittet, som hon uttryckte det.

Hon har också beskrivit hur illa hon tyckte om att göra just det man gör mycket på Waldorfskolor, målar, sjunger och spelar instrument av olika slag, hantverk och eurytmi, en dansliknande rörelsekonst.

Att hon hade svårt att lyssna på människor gjorde det sannolikt särskilt svårt att gå på den Waldorfskola hon gick på, eftersom Waldorfpedagogiken, baserad på antroposofin som filosofi och människosyn, i så hög grad bygger på just det talade ordet. Under sin skoltid vägrade hon enligt henne själv att gå till skolan utan sin klocka, så att hon skulle kunna se hur många minuter det var kvar till lektionerna tog slut.

Med sitt stora intresse för siffror och skriven text, sin svårighet att lyssna på andra människor (enligt henne själv brydde hon sig inte så mycket om vad andra människor sa) och djupa motvilja mot just de konstnärliga och hantverksmässiga element som skiljer Waldorfskolor från de flesta andra skolor verkar hon tidigt att ha bli en outsider i sin förskolegrupp och senare sin klass och som sådan mobbad av särskilt en annan elev.

Strävan att integrera också en något utvecklingsstörd elev med tidvisa utbrott i klassen präglade också hennes och de andra elevernas situation i klassen under den tid hon gick där, som hon beskrivit med bitterhet på internet.

Sen slutet av 2007 har hon på internet börjat bearbeta sina upplevelser och kritisera och häckla allt som sammanhänger med Waldorfpedagogiken på en blog och i olika diskussionsfora på ett ofta välformulerat sätt som dock återkommande kan framstå som lite obsessivt.

På en fråga vem hon är, svarade hon på internet 2008:

”Jag är en sån som äter antroposofer till frukost 😉 Välkommen tillbaka till blodbadet :D”

Hon är idag en aktiv sekulär humanist och Dagenartikeln beskriver hur hon är medlem i vad som beskrivs och länkas till som ett ”nätverk som granskar Rudolf Steiner, antroposofin och Waldorfskolor”. (Det är den här gruppen…) Som sådan är hon sedan slutet av 2007 en av de mest aktiva Waldorfkritikerna på nätet.

Hon har sen 2008 gjort runt 3.000+ inlägg i olika waldorfkritiska diskussioner och har dessutom de senaste åren skrivit snart 18.000 (fram till 10 november 2013 41.000) kommentarer  på Twitter. Så hon är lite pratsam. Hon har också beskrivit sig som ständigt febril och hur hon behöver sömntabletter för att kunna sova. En viktig del av vad hon skriver utgörs liksom tidigare av spridning av kritik av allt som gäller waldorfpedagogiken och antroposofin, nu i samverkan med tre kvinnliga brittiska ”humanister”.

Men hon har också, efter att bl a ha läst beskrivningar av Rudolf Steiner som autistisk som barn och hur säreget utmanande han ibland beskrev saker, utvecklat en uttalad sympati för honom (själv har hon beskrivit hur hon upplever sig som en varelse från yttre rymden).

Hon har beskrivit hur mycket hon tycker om formspråket i andra Goetheanum och tycker att en utställning ”Rudolf Steiner – Die Alchemie des Alltags” som visas i Tyskland från maj till nov 2010 också borde visas i Sverige. På sin blog har hon skrivit ett flertal inlägg med kärlekshälsningar till Järna med bilder från bl a det antroposofiska Kulturhuset som hon själv tagit.

Kanske kan det här (en beskrivning av och några kommentarer om hennes kluvna inställning till antroposofin och också biodynamisk odling) komplettera den lite komplexa bild genom vilken hon ger uttryck för sig själv på internet.

Vad Dagenartikeln inte länkar till är ett utförligt svar på vad nätverket skriver.

Medan den länkar till en studie av Waldorfpedagogiken av Prof. Bo Dahlin vid Karlstads Universitet, Waldorfskolan – en skola för människobildning? (länken i artikeln är nu inaktuell), skulle den också mått väl av en länk till en av de mest utförliga sajterna om Waldorfpedagogik på internet, Waldorf Answers. En liknande sajt på svenska är under uppbyggnad.

Sen 2008 driver hon en kampanj på internet mot undertecknad för vad jag återgett av en del av vad hon beskrivit om själv på internet för att göra henne förståelig. Hon gillar inte heller vad jag skrivit om Peter Staudenmaier efter att ha analyserat vad han skrivit i förhållande till de källor han angett som grund för det, eller ett korståg av en av de mest rabiata waldorfkritikerna på internet de senaste åren.

Den 30 augusti 2008 skrev jag det här inlägget i dess första form, baserat på vad hon skrivit om sig själv på internet.

Jag skrev det efter att hon under början av året varit styrelsemedlem och ”europeisk representant” för den centrala anti-waldorfgruppen på nätet i början av året (nämnd ovan), ha pushat för dess anti-waldorfkampanj på Mumsnet, det största engelska diskussionsforumet för föräldrar i England, och sen utförligt ha kritiserat undertecknad för att hon och WC-gruppen blivit bannlyst från forumet för deras enfrågekorståg mot Waldorfpedagogiken i enlighet med forumets policy för diskussioner.

Efter bannlysningen av gruppen utvecklade hon en omfattande personlig kritik av undertecknad i ”Föreningen Vetenskap och Folkbildning”s diskussionsforum där jag inte deltog. När jag istället bjöd henne till en kopp te vid Tehuset i Stockholm för att höra mer från henne själv om bakgrunden till hennes intensiva antipati mot Waldorfpedagogiken svarade hon att hon hellre skulle dricka te med djävulen och blev något senare intervjuad av Dagen. Jag tyckte inte intervjun riktigt gjorde henne och Kristofferskolan rättvisa och skrev därför det här bloginlägget i sin första form, baserat på vad hon skrivit om sig själv.

När hon såg det skrev hon en lång kommentar i en internetdiskussion, som hon inledde med

anthroposophy is rotten, it’s a religion for compulsive liars

and it’s absolutely irredeemable. I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no point in fighting stupidity. There’s no point in thinking that however good my arguments are, scumbags like (this blogger) will have 10 times the amount of time to just be the asshole that he is (It’s no struggle for him, I’m sure.) First a greeting to all the swedish anthroposophists: fuck you. You’re a group of lying, deceiving, evil people in a society which kisses your feet and the ground you walk on–and showers you with money”…

Hon fortsatte senare med bl a ett långt inlägg som i huvudsak bestod av länkar till 74 sidor på internet som jag under tio år av internetintresse skrivit som kommentarer till olika internetdiskussioner om Waldorfpedagogiken, vilket har upprört henne och som hon beskriver som ”dravel”.

När någon (inte undertecknad) runt december 2009 skrivit till henne och frågat om hon hade besökt en psykolog, kommenterade hon det med ett inlägg på sin blog med bl a

”I can hardly even remember anymore. I probably have. Mostly, though, I’ve seen psychiatrists. For a multitude of reasons.”

Eftersom hon inte verkat ha mått så bra undviker jag sen förra året i möjligaste mån att ge mig in i offentliga diskussioner med henne och har bara i några undantagsfall sett mig föranledd att utanför det här bloginlägget kommentera vad hon skrivit.

I inlägg på twitter i maj 2010 om den spirande sommaren kommenterade hon:

”I hate this weather. I’m constantly thirsty, my eyes ache, *people* are everywhere. My brain aches.” ”Children everywhere and I just want to yell ‘shut up shut up shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ ”

för att sen kommentera att hon inte skriker åt barn i verkligheten, men att det bara är vad hon upplevde i sitt huvud.

En annan som verkar ha läst hennes blog och kommenterar den är Marlene Olsson, waldorfmamma med radikalt annorlunda upplevelser av sina barns waldorfskola än Alicia.

Utanför internetdiskussioner har vi dock haft vänliga privata mailutbyten och under senhösten (2010) har hon i huvudsak verkat må bättre. I början av året bad mig en stödlärare på Kristofferskolan, där Alicia gick på 1980-talet, om hjälp att kontakta henne efter att ha läst vad hon skrivit på internet. Jag bistod, de är nu Facebookvänner och Alicia har uttryckt sin tacksamhet för kontakten med stödläraren.

I början av augusti råkade jag se en twitterkommentar av henne där hon beskrev hur svårt hon hade att hitta var hon kunde logga ut från ett yahookonto. Eftersom jag själv tidigare haft liknande problem skrev jag till henne och berättade hur man kunde hitta utloggningstexten.

Hon svarade samma kväll

”Hej Sune,

Jag lyckades logga ut för ungefär 5 minuter sedan, lustigt nog. Efter att ha gått ut på yahoo utanför själva mailen. Då dök plötsligt den där lilla ‘log out’-grejen upp högst upp på sidan. Liten var den, men den syntes. Tror jag har rätt hög upplösning på skärmen. Det hela är faktiskt rätt besynnerligt. Jag försökte logga ur redan för en vecka sedan, men gav upp. Jag har ju två yahoo-adresser och i bland måste jag logga in på den andra av de två för att se vilka nya affärserbjudanden jag fått från Burkina Faso och sådana platser där de bortglömda kontona växer på träd. Miljarderna rasslar in.

Tusen tack i vilket fall som helst!


Så det varierar lite vad hon skriver, men kommentaren känns som ett uttryck för hennes egentliga positiva grundinställning till livet när inget stör eller upprör henne alltför mycket.

Efter internetdiskussionerna 2008 började jag på mitt eget förslag arbeta deltid för Waldorfskolefederationen i Sverige för att följa och beskriva vad som publiceras i olika media om och relaterat till Waldorfpedagogiken, i huvudsak i Sverige, men delvis också utanför Sverige. Mitt arbete omfattade enbart rapportering och inte att företräda federationen i något avseende. Vid årsskiftet 2011/2012 slutade jag arbetet för Waldorfskolefederationen.

Utanför mitt arbete deltog och deltar jag fortsatt ibland i diskussioner om Waldorfpedagogiken som fri debattör. Jag företräder där, som alltid i diskussioner, enbart mig själv och mina egna uppfattningar.

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